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If the Bibliobloggers were the Cast of NBC's Community

For those of you who live in a cage, there is a line up on NBC Thursday nights that is pretty hard not to pass up. Included in the bunch are three excellent mockumentaries, Parks and Rec; The Office, and last Community.  Parks and Rec is a spoof of a city-hall in Pawnee, Indiana; The Office, well an office for Dunder Mifflin Paper company, while Community is a show about a “study group” at a community college.  So the other day, I dreamed that I was Jeff Winger, the leader of  the study group, oh and he is also the cool one.

Jeff Winger (the cool one)

So, I was thinking, what if the Bibliobloggers were the study group from Community. Who would be who?

Chad from here at Political Jesus: Fat Neil, because Neil’s life revolves around going to school to school and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Fat Neil

The fellas over at Near Emmaus: Senor Chang, because he has multiple personalities; sometimes when you read their blog, you see something about the Bible, and then another thing about that Heretic Eugene Peterson, or that one guy Karl Barth Simpson.

Senor Chang

Joel L. Watts of Unsettled Christianity: Abed Nadir, much like Joel, Abed is unsettled in his Christian faith even though he is a Muslim ( he still loves the Jesus). Unable to communicate with 0thers outside of movie references, Abed and Joel make the perfect match. Beside, I mean, Joel denying the Trinity and all, nothing much to separate him from a Jesus-loving Muslim like Abed. What? Did I say that? Oh!

Abed? Or Joel?

Bitsy Griffin of Jack of All Trades: Shirley Bennett. Poor Shirley, the whole gang disappoints her because they offend her good Christian lifestyle. Much like the fans of Wake Forest sports disappoint poor Bitsy. Ahhhh. 🙁

Shirley Bennett. Praise Jesus!

Lastly, Jeremy Thompson of Free Old Testament Audio: Star Burns? Who is Star Burns? A picture says a thousand words.

Star Burns or Jeremy?

I could go on and on, but these are the bloggers I like the most to have in a study group, I mean, if I did have to go to Greendale Community College.

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If the Bibliobloggers were Persons from the Old Testament

Early today, Totally Depraved Joel Polywatts took it upon himself to make a list called If Bibliobloggers were villains, and he insinuated that I would somehow be Nuclear Man!?! Really? With a bad 80s haircut and all?

So today, I present to you, What if the Bibliobloggers were persons from the Old Testament  (or Hebrew Bible or Septuagint or LXX or Masoteric Text).

Jeremy Thompson: Because he is an illegitimate monarch of the bibliobloggers and such, Jeremy would be Saul, as the book of Judges clearly tells us his reign was not anywhere legitimate. Especially with how his tribe was re-built. Tsk Tsk (Judges 19-21).

N T Wrong: Unable to control his Jouissance-meter, he must be Onan, from Genesis 38.

James McGrath: Known for his love of UFOs, James and the prophet-priest Ezekiel would get along since they are suckers for science fiction, including that evolution and progressive Christianity stuff. Yeah…..

Bitsy Griffin: Like every good librarian, Bitsy has to have tools ready at all time to build those book shelves in case there are orders from the catalog. I am sure Bitsy and Jael from Judges 4 would give each other pointers.

Unsettled Christian Joel Watts: Bottom line, Polywatts is the Nehemiah of the biblioblogosphere.  Joel is the cup-bearer for all of the kool-aid sipping NLT-loving, Obama supporting Christians out there, and Nehemiah, well, he was an unquestionably faithful cup-bearer for the emperor, and his interpretation of Deuteronomy was questionable. Joel and N have a lot in common.

James Bradford Pate: James must be that girl or guy who recorded the books of Chronicles since his blog posts are so long.

Amanda M: Amanda regularly discusses dead people, like vampires and deceased pilots on run-down spaceships, so she must be the medium from Endor that Saul met in 1st Samuel 28.

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