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September 2012 Biblioblog Carnival: Up At SansBlogue

Tim has put up the September Biblioblog Carnival this month (or last month, depending where you are). Tim featured my post on Ezekiel and the Covenant of Peace, which, according to him, was “One of the few non-political posts” up this month from PJ, even though the conclusion the post

“This makes the old traditional hymn from Black churches, “Showers of Blessing” (inspired by Ezekiel 34) all that more interesting. “There shall be seasons of refeshing, Sent from the Savior above.” Written in the first decade of the 20th century, the peak period when thousands of Negro women and men were victims of lynching, “Showers of Blessing” is a theological interpretation of Ezekiel 34 that protests Jim & Jane Crow Law, and the lynching parties that were its scapegoating mechanism.”

Sound political to me. What isn’t political? How can we be non-political?

Anyhow, I am interested in listening to the podcast from Religions of the Ancient Mediterraneans now, Cultural Minority Associations and Ethnic Stereotypes Part 1 which was also highlighted for the carnival.

For the rest of the carnival, it’s linked here: September: Spring Comes To Biblical Blogaria.

Sunday Funnies:How Jim West Found My Superpowers

“Speaking of the bizarre, Rod Thomas’s post on on some comic book (and his ability to wrest something worth discussing from the most banal rubbish) is ‘interesting’ reading. Why, you ask, do I mention it if I think little of it? Because, tiny pilgrim, I understand that what doesn’t interest me may – for some godless reason – interest others.”

Jim West, It’s The August Edition of the Biblioblog Carnival

Thanks Jim, for bringing attention to my super powers, in addition to being the third smartest person in the world (like my avatar, Mister Terrific of DC Comics fame), I have partially photographic memory. I also have the ability to create my own lexicon of clever words that should exist, as well as annoy the administrators of Twitter that they have to put me in jail. My weaknesses include but are not exclusively so, are theology & history during the Middle Ages after Constantine/before the Protestant Reformation because I just don’t care, staying on Twitter for far too long (both on my laptop & mobile), as well as pineapple sherbert. Make of that what you will.

Evil foes, beware!