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Another Texas Church Teaching the Racist Curse Of Ham? NO WAY!!!


ANSWER: No, the answer is and was, and always will be NO!

White Christians, liberal and conservative, talk and talk and talk about evolutionary science versus the six day creation, yada yada yada. Well you know what? People were not put in chains because somebody did or did not believe in Young Earth Creationism. People do not have to endure discrimination, constant vilification because they read Genesis 1-3 “literally” or allegorically. People do not have drones killing their babies because listen to Richard Dawkins or Ken Ham (okay, maybe in the case of both), but you get my drift.

So earlier this year, one Texas school district is found teaching racism using the book of Genesis. And now we have Appleby Baptist Church in Nacogdoches, Texas as a church that publicly admits to teaching the racist Curse of Ham theory. I don’t care if you tell me that we have to believe this to affirm Noah’s flood or whatever (actually, no, we don’t); this doctrine was made for the purpose of justifying racism and human enslavement. Here are a few posts to get you started on reading where the Curse of Ham came from, and why its just bunk!:


Martin Luther King Jr. on the Curse of Ham & Racism

Really, I should have a page added to this blog, just to address this topic. It just makes me sick.

Comment below or ReTweet/Tumblr if you’d like to see this happen!

Christology And Biblical Interpretation: Two Must Read Posts

“Rather, the gospel forms our basic “attitude” toward the Old Testament–a “hermeneutical posture,” which is that point of view from which we read and by which the Old Testament can be accessed. It is to acknowledge that the very questions we raise, the very way in which we interact with the Old Testament, is profoundly shaped by our having been raised and united with the crucified and risen Christ.”

Peter Enns: Reading the Old Testament: You Gotta Have Attitude


“This puts a Christocentric reading on a Trinitarian path, but that Trinitarian nature of revelation is made even more clear through understanding the role of the Spirit. […] To summarize, then, God the Spirit testifies to God the Son who makes God the Father known to his people.”

by Matt Emerson: Christocentric Method

I find myself torn; I agree with the general thrust of both of these articles even though there are some conflicts between both views being proposed here. Both are claiming Jesus to be the center. The question is how do we move forward? Where do we go from here, us being Gentiles in Christ, without covering up the story of Israel?

Introducing the United Nations Peacemakers' Study Bible!

UN study bible

Finally, a Bible that suits my consumer needs. I’m a pacifist, and now I am excited to announce the introduction of the UN Peacemakers’ Study Bible, for those who believe in international peace movements and humanitarianism. Need a Bible full of quotes from Christian pacifists? This study bible has them, all the way from Tertullian to Menno Simos to John Howard Yoder. This study bible includes anti-war liturgies and and commentaries reflecting on the godly work that the United Nations does. The UN Peacemakers’ Study Bible contains special essays comparing American icons Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson to King David and King Solomon of Israel. Now you can have a Bible that reveals the true meaning of Scripture: to spread democracy and free market capitalism around the world!

Thank you Crossway, thank you for a providing a Bible that speaks to me, that’s all about my experience. No doubt the UN Peacekeepers’ Study Bible will out sell The Founders’ Bible, Patriot’s Bible, and the KJV Military Bible!