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Evangelicals Exposed?

Or is there not a difference between research and propaganda?

I have noticed that there is more “investigative reporting” that goes under the guise of research to supposedly see what white evangelicalism looks like.  It occurred to me that the narrative goes something like this:

The investigator- 1st,I went into such and such evangelical church or college. 2nd, I made a lot of friends and I found out that white evangelicals were much nicer than their monstrous image on television. 3rd, overall, they are really nice people, and sincere in their beliefs but they need to be more about social justice and peace issues.

Exhibit A and Exhibit B

Okay, seriously, who has never heard these criticism before? Seriously? Really? Have these “researcher ever read anything by Brian McLaren or any other author involved in the emergent/emerging so chic and cutting edge church movement? Apparently not.

Give me a break!