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If You Want To Buy Me A Book for My Birthday

I so ripped off this post from Brian LePort, but my birthday is really this Saturday, and I have to actually work all day. Sigh, life happens.

But hey, you, yes you reader, if you want to make me feel happier about turning 30, you should look here at my Amazon Wishlist, and buy me a book, so I can read and review more and more books. You know you want to! Click on the link below, please?!?!

Rod’s Amazon Wishlist for books!

Oh, and if you want to send me a review copy of your book you’d think I’d like, comment below, and I’ll consider it.

Sweet Sweet Victory: Common Decency Does Amazon.Com In

In a stunning development that I just discovered through Twitter, AMAZON.COM has taken down that abomination of a publication.

Ah, Super Joel’s campaign worked, and that’s why he is a super-hero among us mortal biblio-bloggers.

Dun dun dun, dun dun dun!

Cue the Superman Theme Song!