Synchroblog Announcement: The New Pacifism: Cases For & Against Nonviolent Ethics #TheNewPacifism

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The New Pacifism?

Pacifism and Nonviolence have been hot topics on the Blogosphere, and on Twitter and various facebook groups. It’s also been a very long time since I have blogged on my own nuanced version of pacifism and nonviolent ethics. Also, Political Jesus itself has never hosted a Synchroblog, so in order to resolve all of the issues above, I am now proposing a Synchroblog on Nonviolence. Tell us what you believe about pacifism/pacifist theologies. Here’s how to participate:

1. You can write your own blog post, telling us your own views on pacifism. The post can be written, it can be an assortment of GIF’s, pictures, a video, a video blog (vlog), a short quote. Don’t be afraid. Take a side, Pick a side, any side.*

2. Please link back to this original post so your readers and other readers can find your post to be collected in two weeks. Synchroblog collection ends November 7th, 2013 at 11:59PM Central Standard Time, USA.

3. Share your views on Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag: #TheNewPacifism. I will try to collect as many facebook statuses and tweets using the #TheNewPacifism hashtag and Storify it in the final New Pacifism Synchroblog post.

4. Interact, engage people who you agree and disagree with. Show love and encourage one another peaceably, and above all, don’t be a troll!

*Side note if you don’t have a blog or social network or don’t want to share, but would like to participate, please use the PJ contact page to make a submission:

Contact Political Jesus

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