Heartbreak Over Caprica

Good News for Jeremiah and Joel; Bad News for Me

So every Tuesday, I had the habit of livetweeting during the Sy Fy channel’s and Battle Star Galatica spin off Caprica. Now, not only is it going to be cancelled, but the rest of the 5 episodes for this season (1.5) will be shown in the first quart of 2011.

While Caprica was an intelligent show, it did need a light side considering it was too apocalyptic for its own good. Unfortunately, low ratings combined with the long lay-off between season 1 and 1.5 doomed Caprica from the start.

Goodbye Caprica. Goodbye Zoe.

So say we all.

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  1. Chris

    BSG: Blood and Chrome is only a TV movie right now. If it does well it might transition into a TV series. Hopefully it does I would love to see William Adama 10 years into the Cylon war.


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