Superman Returns

Superman Returns

Superman Returns (Photo credit: Michael @ NW Lens)

Every time I watchSuperman Returns, I can only think of how disappointing it is. There are folks out there that try to convince me to like it, but I liked it the first time I watched. After several viewings since I own it on DVD, I just don’t get why Bryan Singer, guy in charge of the first X-men movies, would ever cross-over to DC Comics and ruin THE superhero’s reputation except for the desire to sabotage a rival. Never get a Marvel Zombie boy to do a DC Comics’ woman/man’s job.

First of all, what makes Superman superman is his alien identity as Kal-el, he’s the Last Son of a DEAD planet. Destroyed. The idea earthly astrologists would find remains? UMMMMMMMM NOOOOOOOOOOO! Stupid. Lex Luthor (as portrayed by Kevin Spacey) just is not a bright guy in this film. I was watching this movie today, and the one word I had for this LL: PETTY. Yeah, he’s supposed to be giving homage to Gene Hackman’s version from the first two Superman movies, but ugh, I just don’t think it was well executed. Never have, never will I guess. Poor timing.

Brandon Routh was OKAY as Clark Kent/Superman for being a character that wasn’t well written. And let’s not get into the lack of originality from Singer and company. I will stick with my opinion that the Smallville Series finale made for a much better movie than this flick.

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  1. wken

    Is that where Singer came from? Marvel Zombies (which was, itself, a pretty horrible idea)?

    Anyway … I hated the performance of Lois Lane in this movie perhaps more than anything. Her whiny, foot-stomping tantrum over something or other was just pathetic. It was like they don’t know who Lois Lane is at all. I admit, I’ve not really read Superman comics, but her portrayal on the radio, TV, and film has made foot-stomping temper tantrums very much out of place.

    Luthor was pathetic.

    The whole Superman’s son story was troublesome.

    I have it on DVD but have only watched it once. I don’t think I can bear to go through it again. Maybe I’ll just skip to the exciting action scenes … oh, wait … never mind.


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