Thoughts on Super Bowl XLIV

I would like to thank two of the New Orleans Saints fans Joel and T.C. who have biblioblogs for allowing me to join the Saints’ bandwagon after my beloved God’s America’s team, the Cowboys were eliminated.  Brett Favre is a no-class hack and his best days are far behind him.

I am not an anti-Peyton Manning football fan, neither am I a Saints fan.  What makes me sick the most is the biased sports coverage of ESPN which is unbalanced and was most favored towards the favorites, the Indianapolis Colts.  I must admit that I do not watch ESPN anymore even though I have cable; instead, I prefer to watch the Mountain West Network for college sports in the Mountain West Conference.

Congrats  New Orleans Saints on your first Super Bowl. You all have made it okay for me to believe in fairy tales again.

WHO DAT!?!?!

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