Sunday Funnies: How Joel Became #1!

Many persons have been wondering how such an obscure West Virginian such as Joel Watts could ever reach the pinnacle of the biblioblogging world.

Was it because he invites guest posters to join him as a group blog, without all the group think that such a community entails? I would say it wasn’t, especially with writers like Jeremy on there who are pop-culturally illiterate. So, that could not possibly be the case. Does Joel use his blog to go on rants and behave in a way in which he is morally superior to everyone? Shockingly, JW is quite humble, I mean, except for his Methodism.

What is Joel’s secret? How did this man, NLT reading Democrat and all win? Quite simply put: he had help from Dimple Chads and Anthrax–

Here is the evidence:

Thank you,!!!


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