Sunday Funnies: The Real Reason I Went And Saw Green Lantern

So I tried.  I really did.  I was hoping to come out of Green Lantern with something profound.  You know, something like, “Green Lantern is like Karl Barth because…”  It didn’t happen.

Maybe part of the problem is that I’m not a DC fan.  (Marvel rocks!!!!)  Don’t get me wrong, the two newest Batman movies were awesome, but I chalk that up to the genius of Chris Nolan more than to the character of Batman.  Apart from Batman Begins and Dark Knight, DC doesn’t do movies well.  The last Superman was an abomination.  And look at how long Wonder Woman has been in development hell.

Nope, I am a Marvel girl.  So why on earth did I go see Green Lantern?

So that I could earn cool points with Rod and Chad?  Meh cool points are for sissies.

So I could have a date with my husband?  Well, maybe.

So I could dream of a career in CGI?  The graphics were better in Thor.

Nope.  I went and saw Green Lantern for one reason: Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds can make any bad movie tolerable.  Take ‘The Proposal‘ for example.  If it starred someone other than charismatic RR then it would have definitely been a horrible flop.  RR made it tolerable and funny.  (Also the fact that the story was about a Canadian married to an Alaskan was awesome!  I could so identify with the ‘Welcome to Alaska’ jokes).

Ryan Reynolds does smart-ass comments really well.  He really should have played Deadpool.  Too bad they only had Deadpool in the Wolverine movie for a few seconds near the beginning (because the abomination at the end WAS NOT Deadpool!).  But it does sound like a new Deadpool movie is a go.

Okay, so those two points are just excuses.  What it all boils down to is this:  Ryan Reynolds is a hottie.  That’s the only reason most women went to see this movie.  He’s the guy every girl wants to take home.

Just don’t tell my husband.  Oh wait…he reads the blog.

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