Sunday Amens: Movies, Bloggers, and Community

Perhaps the quest for a community in which we can participate is probably the defining journey in a Christian’s life.  This community can come in many forms: political, economic, on-line, scholarly, etc. For being honest with his journey, Brian LePort deserves a Sunday Amen.

One of our popular posts from this week was the one on the rise of vampires in the US American entertainment industry. It is not the stories per se, but the re-imagined folklore that vampires have come to represent that seems to be more eerie than anything else. A Sunday Amen goes to Halden Doerge for linking to the best review of the vampire hype, ever.

Lastly, a Sunday Amen must be given out to Kurk Gayle who has returned from a short hiatus to blog once more. I can’t wait to see what conversations we’ll have.

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