Stupid Christian Pet Tricks: Blaming Technology for Our Own Sins

Have a problem getting closer to God? Blame it on Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. Don’t let that human responsibility and human choice thing get to you.  Find a scapegoat to blame.  Having a four-way affair, with your spouse, your office assistant and his spouse, it’s Facebook’s fault. Obviously.

Thank you Reverend Cedric Miller, for teaching the world a valuable lesson in this oh so dangerous world called the interwebs and BookedFace.  I am sure Christianity could use another hypocritical Christian going around preaching law & order legalism while scape-goating the latest technological fad all in the name of avoiding preaching repentance.  Speaking for the Church universal, we appreciate that; thank you.

I side with the ever vigilant yet ever-so-slightly wrong Joel on Social Networking; it is important for churches to reach out to the world in all possible avenues.  Technology is not the problem. We are.

So say we all.

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0 thoughts on “Stupid Christian Pet Tricks: Blaming Technology for Our Own Sins

  1. Optimistic Chad

    I agree, with a caveat. There is a both/and here. Uncritical acceptance of technology and the claim that it is only the bad humans that make it bad, is the younger sister of the NRA line that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” But that kind of argument implies that there is a group of people that have their crap together and will always make the right choices. People are the problem, yes, but uncritical advances in technology is a problem, too.


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