Stuff Fundamentalist Churches Like: House UnChristian Activities Committees

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One of the favorite national past times for fundamentalist is to rail against Catholicism for the Inquisition, and the burnings of John Huss and William Tyndale yet claim innocence when it comes to persecution. Nooooo the fact is that fundamentalists head a new Inquisition, and the new form of torture is defaming people’s good names and taking away their livelihoods. All a fundamentalist powermonger, an Al Mohler or Paige Patterson, has to do is claim that they are more orthodox than the other woman, I mean, guy, and keep beating people over the head with that fact. Eventually, people will start believing false rumors and get angry at that woman, I mean, guy so that person has to lose their job. A few years ago when I was keeping up, reading on the Peter Enns/WestMinster Theological Seminary fiasco, I thought it was only an anomaly. There is no way fundamentalists treat all of their scholars like this. Well, I was really mistaken.

Fred Clark of Slacktivist has a list of recent evangelical inquisitions, and yes, I agree whole heartedly with using that terminology to describe what’s going on: No One Expects The Evangelical Inquisition: Part 1

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2 thoughts on “Stuff Fundamentalist Churches Like: House UnChristian Activities Committees

  1. David

    1) When will cedarville university get mentioned and its on going current spat?

    2) Of course Fundie’s love a good witch hunt. (I think witch hunt is more ‘Merican than Inquisition. *_*)

    Fundamentalism all but requires a constant witch hunt. If the world is a deluded place and you have THE TRUTH then that “truth” must be constantly and vigilantly policed and guarded because otherwise you too could wind up “corrupted.” Once you start handing out doctrinal statements and making people affirm them once, yearly, or daily you have begun the witch hunt. The only way to stop a fundamentalist witch hunt is to prove that you are not a witch, which is impossible. Monty Python said it best:
    witch hunts are always illogical because they are about guarding and securing something which 1) cannot be guarded and 2) even it could be should be shared. Additionally academic inquiry should always be about asking open ended questions or questioning the answers to the questions you currently have. Reading and re-reading the tradition and wrestling with its texts and contexts is the work of a lifetime and is scholarship.

    For example I feel like Augustine is played out and has been constantly read, interpreted, and reinterpreted again and that there is nothing left to be said that hasn’t already been said. yet there are brilliant compact and creative readings of him still being done today that change what we think and know. Brilliant, careful, close reading work that leads to the unexpected can never bring about creativity if everything is already known.

    1. David

      I would also argue that you could go through the membership list of the CCCU and take a look at the confessional schools, I believe you would be hard pressed to find confessional schools w/o witch hunt scandals. Odds are that even if you can’t find it, that doesn’t mean there was no witch hunt just that it wasn’t public.


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