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What is The Resist Daily?: The Resist Daily is an online Christian magazine committed to the everyday politics of Jesus for the global neighborhood.

“The Everyday Politics of Jesus”
Who is Jesus? Jesus is LORD. The theme of Christus Victor weighs heavily as part of biblical imagery; by the power of the Holy Spirit, the Church becomes involved in Christ’s mission to deliver the humanity and creation from oppression, sin and death. What Jesus asks us is not only to follow Him, but to follow Him WITHOUT qualification. Jesus told us to not only take up the Cross daily, but he also instructed prospective followers to abandon their families, to discard themselves of their riches, as well as becoming disreputable all for His sake. If discipleship and community are to occur in virtual spaces, we should reject a discipleship without sacrifice. Hence, The Resist Daily strives to practice the Messiah’s ethic of sacrificial love which translates into Gospel notions of peacemaking, nonviolence, and truth-telling.

Truth is A Person who lives in covenant with others in neighborly love. Politics is not just about lobbying for public policy preferences or voting for our favorite politicians. The politics in the “everyday politics of Jesus” is about the public square, a public square that has expanded online, into the music industry, movies, publishing, you name it.  As an online publication, TRD is committed to co-creating more just and healing relationships by engaging the general public. The Resist Daily is an online community that centers the praxis of our Nonviolent Liberator Jesus in the public square.

“For The Global Neighborhood”

Truth (Jesus) makes himself available everywhere, so that there is no one culture that holds a monopoly whose form of worship is correct. The other core principle that defines The Resist Daily is Cultural Intelligence. The quest to attain cultural intelligence is an on-going process for all persons. Christ Jesus is the best Teacher of anti-racist praxis, the Person who defined justice for us, and the One who establishes the norms by which we are to be reconciled across cultural boundaries. Christian anti-racism is a part of Christian discipleship, and as such justice and hope must be valued equally. Not only are Christians empowered to redemptively use the sciences of this world to combat the practices and institutions that divide us, but also in following Christ, we must start to faithfully live out the Kingdom in the here and now.

For what it’s worth, The Resist Daily pursues a Christian & anti-oppressive fellowship, which necessarily entails an intercultural approach to issues related to the Church and the World. Where as cross-cultural and multi-cultural approaches to reconciliation and justice assume conflict and natural, irreconcilable difference, interculturality values the diversity of human experience found in possible universal, culturally-specific, and individual uniqueness. The assumption is quite Trinitarian in nature where every human person is 1. Like All Others 2. Like Some Others 3. Like No Other. By embracing peacemaking and diversity work as part of its mission, The Resist Daily exists as a hopeful virtual community witnessing to the glory of our Triune Creator.

Core Values:

Christian Nonviolence

Cultural Intelligence

Interdenominational Dialogue

Gender Equity

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  2. Thomas Mack

    As somebody, as a more secular humanist (of Scottish descent) in those days, attended MLK’s march on DC, and cared deeply about social justice, finally came to understand the need for all mankind to unite in the Holy Spirit better after becoming a born again Christian a little more than a decade later. One can see the reason for Great Awakenings and revivals in a country where many thought an American cultural ‘Christianity’ was all one needed. We know who is behind the strife and confusion, and, of course, it’s the enemy. Thank you for such a necessary and powerful Christian website.


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