Star Wars Christology: Storm Trooper Jesus

Last year, I did a post on Jesus As Sith Lord in response to James McGrath’s post on Jedi Jesus.

Some Christians see Jesus an servile drone who had no choice but to give up his life. This would be consistent with religious groups that do not affirm free will. After Lord Vader, the other characters from the Star Wars (the original trilogy) that have always interested me are the Stormtroopers. Stormtroopers are unconditionally loyal to the Empire, and they never question their orders. When you exclude several passages from the New Testament, you could come up with a Jesus that never asks questions. So, it only makes sense to have Stormtrooper Jesus.


stormtrooper jesus

storm trooper cross

storm trooper cross 2

These are not the men you are looking for!

stormtrooper jesus 2

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