Sports, Revivalism, and A Christianity without DORKS

“And the cheerleaders and jocks shall inherit the Earth…..”-Jesus at A Church Near You?

I know I haven’t blogged in a while. Honestly, I could not bring myself to posting anything, that’s how saddened I was over the whole state of affairs with Trayvon Martin #Love4Trayvon. I know I am going to be late to the party, as usual, infamously, but today I just wanted to think about White America’s take on Revival in general. Whenever I hear some emotionally charged town-crier from the Evangelical wilderness, talking about revival fire this, revival fire that, I always get leery and cynical. Just under who’s terms are we going to have this so called revival, I mean if it’s not too late for the Rapture to come get us #SNARK.

I am a fan of Tim Tebow; I rooted for him in the Playoffs, no way in heck would I root for the Broncos given my bad history with them, but I rooted for Tebow, he’s a great role model, but he is not the first white evangelical Christian to play professional football. Mike Singletary, an African American, was a Super Bowl winning, star middle-linebacker for the Bear, and he was a Bible believing Christian. Did he get any publicity for his faith? Does the media just expect your run of the mill Black athlete to affirm a belief in a higher power?

Tim Tebow, a player on the Denver Broncos Amer...

My favorite athlete growing up was the Reverend Reggie White, former Eagles’, Packers’, and Panthers’ Defensive linemen, and the greatest sack machine ever. Ever. He was a Christian, known for being outspoken for his faith, how come churches never talked about him leading a revival? Is revival an inherently cultural concept, where one culture determines over the other how the churches are going to be “revived” aka make more money and fill more seats? I believe it is. It’s great that all of these Christian athletes are having success, and being persecuted for what they believe (it’s to be expected), but I think this faint hope of athletes leading a “revival” should come with some caution. What would make the culture of THE CHURCH that much different than a high school? All the jocks in charge, all of the geeks and dorks, well silenced and marginalized? It’s not as if Christianity in the USA is as anti-intellectual as it already is!?!?

I’m sick of seminaries and denominations talking down to lay people, acting like they are not smart enough to handle the latest debate. It’s preposterous and an unspoken thing that just goes on. As if throughout the church’s history, great thinkers had not relationship to the church. You know on Palm Sunday, I had a conversation with one of my friends at church, she is in her 90’s I believe, and she has been theologically educated; her daughters have even been theologically educated in an Ivy League school. Sadly, she’s the one person I have been able to talk to at church to articulate what I want to do scholarship-wise. But I think that is relationships and opportunities that churches miss out on, when they dismiss the dorks and geeks in their pews, in favor the jocks and the rich. Jocks and geeks don’t have to be against each other; far from it. If THE CHURCH is about fellowship and love for the Other, Christ has reconciled even these trivial rivalries so that the BODY of Christ can exist in wholeness, geeky head and jock hands!

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  1. Craig

    Glad to see you’re posting again. Now if only I could find some motivation to write. Must be one of those months where I don’t feel like posting anything.


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