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I just wanted to point out to excellent blog posts on racism in Christianity, and in particular, both posts were calling out Doug Wilson for his racist beliefs. It’s funny, that just because early Tom Petty and Lynyrd Skynyrd concerts featured the Confederate flag does not make something right. On the contrary, it proves critical race theorists point that we still in a thoroughly racist society, and so symbols of white supremacy remain acceptable. My question is just how far will Christians go to defend their “odd ball uncles” for the sake of preserving peace among the powermongers and Celebrities in our religion? Maybe it’s high time we stop seeing these figures as “crazy uncles” and start confronting them for what they are: the norm.

A hermeneutic of oppression, a hermeneutic of liberation by Zach Hoag

Precious PaleoConfederates, Laser Klan, and Big God Theology by fellow MennoNerd and friend T.C. Moore

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