Should Christians Care About Racial & Economic Inequality?

This may seem like an easy question, but is it? There are some Christians who act like racism does not persist, or that there is no such thing as this or that oppressed class. Of course it’s our “free” choice to wallow in apathy, keep ourselves sheltered from the world, create our own little upper-little class Christian bubbles, hey how about a Christian massage parlor?

According to the Pew Research Center, the median wealth for households, in racial terms, post-housing bust, is Whites with $113, 149, while for blacks and hispanics, not even topping above $6400. These numbers continue to reaffirm what many already acknowledge, and what some willfully deny, and that is corporatism is racist. Even with raced-based affirmative action, economic inequality reign supreme even less than 200 years after chattel slavery has ended. Even with an African American president.

Remember this lady?

Um, no President Obama is not going to pay your mortgage. He doesn’t want to protect the rights of the working poor. Sorry. But 1 man cannot be in charge of the economy; to say so would be just ahem, teaparty ignorant.

Now comes word that the Department of Justice is suing Wells Fargo for preying on racial minorities. But is it already too late? And why should Christians care when we can retreat to Fort God?

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