Sexual Ethics and Logos Christology: Neither Natural Law or Nihilism

UPDATE: ** After conversing with Chad via text message, I have concluded that this post affirms most of what Chad argued. There was just confusion with my reading of his conclusion.  But other than that, this is the approach I take. **

Below Chad posted on how Jesus as a rabbi loosed/bound some laws as weightier than others.  While we may disagree on the issue of marriage, I think it is suffice to say that neither Chad or I believe in Natural Law or Nihilism.  Natural law or the idea that there are ordinances that govern the material universe was appealed to by proponents of the recently overturned Proposition 8.  I believe personally that natural law ethics are problematic because of the refusal to deal with particularity; as one professor of mine puts it so succinctly: “Nothing is natural.”  I think that philosophically speaking, cultural conservatives are encapsulated by the logic of natural law, speaking in universals, and discussing what the “rights of man” are.  On the other hand, there is on the other side a proclivity towards what I consider a form of nihilism, that idea that “nothing has any meaning” because all is, in the end, socially constructed and it is the human right to continue to construct and re-construct a world for herself.  I think that purpose is a gift, and that humanity needs help in making the world a better place; in fact, humanity needs a word who continues to speak in a tradition that transcends human particularity but at the same time, invites humanity in its differences to participate in the life of the Creator.

I think distinctively for Christians, this word is the Logos, Christ Jesus, the Word of YHWH who embraced embodiment.  I make no apologies when I say this but Marcion remains wrong because Jesus IS the precedent in the “Old” Testament; Jesus’s story is the story first from the Hebrew people to everyone second.  So, whenever one says that Jesus did this or that as a rabbi, I would like to say, no, we do not know that really since we are unsure which Judaism Jesus practice.  What we do know is this: Christ Jesus is the Logos of the God of Israel, and therefore as special revelation Jesus interprets himself; Jesus of Nazareth in other words, is special revelation that is self-interpreting , the Word interpreting Scripture.  Therefore, he alone has the right to correctly reveal and continue to disclose the multiple meanings of the biblical text. The Logos is the end of the Scripture, and the Logos is the end of all of creation (Colossians 1).  Paul is unable to write Romans 1 (under the auspices of natural law language) without first knowing the revealed law, in this case Christ Jesus, the crucified and risen logos. This is where the theologies of the apostle Paul and Clement of Alexandria meet: Christ is the Logos Incarnate,  is at once, the Law (in the Hebrew Bible), the Law-Giving/Covenant making God Yahweh, as well as the covenant-bearing Son of  Humanity (for more on this from Clement, read his Stromata [I translate it as Carpets] Book 1, specifically his views on Moses receiving the Logos.

I find it difficult to agree with the thinking of natural law arguments or nihilism.  We are either trapped by the subjective whims of a free humanity without limits or bound by what an elite few consider to be “natural.”  Logos Christology frees us from the hopeless binary of either of the first two approaches.  Christ, as the Wisdom of God, corrects human foolish behavior by teaching us the right way.  In the context of the Hebrew Bible and human sexuality, I think that Chad’s analysis falls short. First of all, because something happens with God’s permission does not mean that God honors it, like polygamy.  Of course, I know, that is part of Reformed theology in some circles, but biblically, polygamy fails.  Polygamy happens AFTER the fall (whether it is the fall to violence with Cain and Abel or the fall to empire with Nimrod). David epically fails on his own because he breaks the Law given to Moses, you know, the parts about the king not having multiple wives or building large armies or having slaves; check Deuteronomy 17:14-20. The Deuteronomist is notorious for making a mockery of the monarchy; there is no endorsement. Only warning, disobedience, and tragedy.  The one true king who governs Israel is the Logos itself, or indirectly guiding the Israelites like Wisdom led them out of Egypt according to the Apocrypha.  God never honors or endorses polygamy, concubine, sex slaves, or anything like that; God however does work within those human bodies who practiced these acts because God governs in meekness, through us weak and ignorant human beings.

Outside the mystery of the Incarnation, humanity remains too stupid to know what right or wrong is.  Of course, there is God sends us hints (some call it common grace, others prevenient grace) of what is good and right (the logos with a small l that is carried by the Spirit of God throughout the world).  Jesus had to teach his followers how to pray. He had to teach them about marriage. Whenever I see the added subtitle “Jesus’s teaching on Divorce,” I want to split my hairs and scream! Jesus is disclosing knowledge on marriage and the nature of it; this is what Matthew 19 is about.  Our narrow focus on the two or three verses on divorce does the entire chapter a disservice.  Not everyone can accept Jesus’ words (revelation) precisely because it was NOT natural for humans to understand what marriage is all about.  Marriage does have a purpose, a purpose given to it by the Logos, for man and woman to become 1: 1+1=s 1.  A mystery and revelation simultaneously, much like the idea of the Trinity.

Both natural law social conservatives and nihilist social progressives rely on the idol of marriage, the notion that everyone needs to marry, and family is natural and so is being with another person is as natural as being human, but this notion of relationships is faulty because we never take into consideration Jesus’s words at the end of Matthew 19, about those who leave their households (families, relationships) inheriting the Kingdom of God. This is quite disturbing, the family values of Jesus, that is.

What does this all mean, in conclusion? Should Christians go around creating a theocracy by force? Of course not, but neither should secularists.  However, it is the free gift of God that the church teach what is the purpose of marriage, through living example as well as preaching of the Word.  One cannot conclude just because something appears in Scripture without commentary from God, does not mean God gave it approval.  Instead, we must first check to see how the Word interprets itself (Jesus understands the canon) and work our way out.  We must be taught by the Educator (another Clement reference, I know, I know) before we can teach the world what we have learned.

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  1. Jennifer

    Few thoughts:

    1) Exactly! Just because God *permits* something, does not mean He honors it. Regarding the issue of polygamy, John Macarthur put it best by saying the following:

    “Now, first of all, I want you to know that what God allows and what God wills are two different things—you understand that? You think God wills that any should perish? No… Does He allow some to go to Hell? Yes. Do you think God wills that you sin? No… Does He give you the freedom to do that? Yes.”

    “You say, “Well, how did polygamy get started?” It got started in the reprobate line of Cain the murderer!” (Think Lamech, Genesis 7)

    “Monogamous marriage was always God’s will. But listen: in the Old Testament because of cultures, God allowed a certain developing process. Missionaries today face the same thing. There are many occasions when a missionary has gone to a certain tribal people and found that they engaged in polygamy. Well, you don’t just go in there and…here is a situation where a man and he’s got three wives and they have children and in their culture it’s established as a family unit. The women are dependent on him; they can’t be thrown out. What are you going to say? “Now that I’m here, everybody pick one; the rest, out!” Boy, that’s tough.

    So, even in modern missions, there has had to be a certain period of time in toleration until the culture can work out of its system those kinds of things…”

    *To read more, visit:

    (If anything, God made an example of the practice by showing us how the havoc it wreaked upon many of the dysfunctional Old Testament families!)


    2) It’s vital to point out that God did not make an example of David’s adulterous affair with Bathsheba to make light of the sin, but rather to WARN us against it. Think of the wrath and judgment David endured as a result: the death of his newborn son!

    JESUS certainly does not make light of adultery or sexual immorality. He even goes so far as to equate LUST with adultery and tells us should our very eyes cause us to sin, we should pluck them out! (He didn’t say this so that we can make ourselves blind, but to show us the dramatic severity of the sin.)

    Christ’s statements about remarriage were made to clear up the fact that marriage is only an earthly institution. There is no marriage in heaven. That’s why it’s okay for widows to remarry. However, divorce is big no-no (unless there is evidence of sexual immorality and other exceptions to the rule Paul lays out in 1st Corinthians) because even though marriage itself is not “eternal” it serves as a metaphor for something that IS eternal: the union between Christ and His bride: the church.


    3) God tells us in His Word, that actually, we are not “too stupid” to figure out what’s right and wrong. GOD wrote His Law in our hearts and He gave us our consciences. With regard to homosexuality, simple biology plainly and evidently reveals to us that sex is meant as a union with procreative ramifications, which naturally can occur only when the act is engaged in between a man and a woman.

    The problem is “Natural Law” is not enough for humans to be convinced. The problem is we CHOOSE to REJECT it! Our hearts are too sinful, and too rebellious, that we go against even our own logic & reason!

    * Think of Paul’s sentence against humanity in Romans 1: human beings KNOW the truth, but we SUPPRESS it by our wickedness. GOD reveals Himself and His existence plainly through His Creation. We KNOW He is meant to be worshipped, but we don’t want to. So instead, we exchange the truth about God for a LIE and worship created THINGS (idols) rather than the Creator Himself.

    AS a result: GOD numbs our consciences, and in His wrath, he GIVES US OVER TO OUR SINS. *HOMOSEXUALITY and SEXUAL IMMORALITY are acts of HIS JUDGMENT!*

    “26Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. 27In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion. ” ~ Romans 1

    1. Jennifer

      And with regard to Old Testament Law & Jesus’ Authority:

      “I tell you the truth,” Jesus answered, “before Abraham was, I AM!”

      ~ John 8:58

  2. Tusk

    Personally, I feel you are consistantly full of surprises. And despite what I think about those surprises, I certainly appreciate them.


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