Say What? Adolf Hitler Believed in the Lost Cause Too?

nazi confederate flag

Just shocking to say the least! But why are progressive people like Germans TODAY reenacting the Civil War and sympathizing with the Confederacy? Probably no relationship whatsoever to the rise of NeoNazis in Germany or in other EU members. No probably not (read: snark).

“Among military reenactors, the chance to fight on the losing side or to struggle against overwhelming odds exercises a particularly powerful appeal. That, after all, is an essential component of the romance of Gone with the Wind; after exalting it, the Nazis found themselves forced to ban it in the nations they occupied, where audiences cast themselves – and not the Germans – in the role of the wronged. If even the Resistance in Europe was inspired to identify with the South, why read anything sinister into the existence of German Confederates?

Wolfgang Hochbruck, a Professor of American Studies at the University of Freiburg and a Union reenactor, is less charitable. “I think some of the Confederate reenactors in Germany are acting out Nazi fantasies of racial superiority,” he told author Tony Horwitz. “They are obsessed with your war because they cannot celebrate their own vanquished racists.” It’s an unsettling thought.”

“Confederates On The Rhine” from the Atlantic

Thanks to Katie from WIT on Twitter for the tip.

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