The Reformers Better than the Church Fathers

I want to get a PhD in Religious history, studying the wisdom of the Reformation, especially those of Bucer, Zwingli, and John Knox. Studying Black and Womanist theology along with Patristic theology and Postcolonial theory was such a frivolous endeavor, how could I have been so ambitious. The subject matter was just far too difficult to study, and who can understand anything that Homi Bhabha says anyhow? Studying the Reformers and their 16th century context would help people in the 21st century; very little scholarship has been done on the Protestant Reformation. Plus, the Church Fathers knew nothing about the word, like Martin Luther Said.

Sola Gracia!

Sola Scriptura!

Sola Fida!

Sempre Reformanda.

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  1. irishanglican

    Here indeed is my religious war, and it is no April Fools joke either! The nature of the Gospel was restored in the 16th century with the Reformation, and the Reformers! And those that loose this great truth, loose the spear-tip of the Churches reality…ever Reforming by the Word of God! “The Reformation is the legitimate off-spring, the greatest act of the Catholic Church.” – Philip Schaff


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