Rebooting Political Jesus Part 3: Nonviolent Politics

Library of Congress description: ", SNCC ...

Library of Congress description: “, SNCC Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, news conf[erence]” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a confession. Yesterday, when I wrote Part Two of Rebooting PJ: Theological Openness, I said I would be focusing on only FOUR principles that PJ represents. Well, after much reflection, I decided upon FIVE, yes five, and guess which principle that is? It’s actually the one I am going to talk about today: Nonviolent Politics.

As an individual, I myself am well read in the pacifist, nonviolent tradition of Christian theology. Ever since I was a baptized eight-year old convert, I can’t think of a time where I was pro-war. During the First Iraq War, all I knew was that these strange generals and politicians kept interrupting my Saturday morning cartoons, and I didn’t know what was going on. While I had friends in elementary school at that time who seemed more interested in what was war, I was more, meh. I chose those days to read about the people groups that were neglected in social studies. In a way, that was a way of practicing nonviolent politics.

This is where the commitment to theological openness and nonviolent politics intersect. As I see it, the Truth is A Person who lives in covenant in neighborly love. Truth (Jesus) makes himself available everywhere, so that there is no one culture that holds a monopoly whose form of worship is correct.  The theological openness that Jesus embodied, the idea that God is relational, relies on persuasion as the primary form of engagement.  One form of nonviolent politics that I believe in as that of being consistently pro-life, from womb to tomb.  While there are many friends who support the libertarian, and others, anarchist view, I cannot personally do so.  Politics is not about just public policy preferences or voting for our favorite supermodel politicians.  The political in political jesus is about about the public square, a public square that has expanded online, into the music industry, movies, publishing, you name it. Political Jesus is a blog that attempts to put our Nonviolent Liberator Jesus at the center of praxis in the public square.

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