It's Sandra Bullock's fault? Really?

I won’t give the tabloids or entertainment magazines the dignity of being a link on this blog, but I just want have a few words about this so called Oscar curse for women who win it.

It is absolutely bunk. What it really boils down to is this: cultural misogyny and double-standards.  As we see time and time again for celebrities who are male, they are excused and have the privilege of getting away with fornication and adultery, cheating on their wives, getting divorced, and then blaming their wives for the failed marriage/relationship.

You know, the other night, I was watching South Park, the episode entitled Sexual Healing that parodied situations such as Tiger Woods, and I think they may be on to something.  In the episode, the Bill Clintons and Tiger Woods of the world along with a few boys from South Park found the cause of their sexual addictions: a wizard alien from outerspace.  Once the wizard was destroyed, low and behold, they were all cured.  It may be outrageous, but I think that is just how ridiculous ideas like the Oscar curse are. This so called curse places all of the responsibility on the victim, creating a sort of fetish out of failed marriages/relationships. Meanwhile, the men are not held accountable.

Perhaps thats the real Oscar curse: persons not taking responsibility for their actions.

Truth and Peace,


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