Pray For Diamonds And Gold


English: Paparazzo Presents a photo of televan...

English: Paparazzo Presents a photo of televangelist Pat Robertson taken during his February 12, 2006 Operation Blessing visit to Victory Fellowship Church in Metairie, Louisiana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two weeks ago, televangelist Pat Robertson was caught profit-lying about African Americans, and endorsing the idea of a forthcoming race war. Well, it seems Pat has a good idea what black bodies should be used for: mining gold and diamonds for his Operation Blessing! For those unfamiliar, Robertson was a supporter of Liberian dictator Charles Taylor, and vocally defended the man who was found guilty of a number of human rights violations. There have been a number investigations into Robertson’s Freedom Gold, which had deals with Taylor. Robertson admitted several years ago on his own 700 Club that he did indeed have financial interests in Liberia, his foray into neocolonialism was for the greater good: he just wanted to be able to broadcast and minister to more people around the world through private means (even if this meant, oh supporting a murderous dictator and just a little earning money under false pretenses [that’s both lying and stealing for those keeping count of the 10 Commandments at home].

Last week, and probably in the near future, there is going to be a documentary shown for world audiences to see: Mission Congo, exposing Robertson’s lies in the 1990’s, lying and stealing money from folks, claiming that the funds would be aiding Operation Blessing and refugees in Rwanda, but instead, the monies were used to finance Pat Robertson’s diamond mining expeditions. Robertson has been investigated by the state of Virginia, and was discovered to be a fraud, but the attorney general decided to look over this imperialist “blemish.”

These neocolonial activities overseas as well as Robertson’s habit of coming up with ponzi schemes lead me to doubt the sincerity of Robertson’s promoting placing the Ten Commandments in public schools and state courts. Why should we agree to a public policy of publicly endorsing religious precepts Pat Robertson chooses not to follow? #IJS

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