Wonder Woman on T.V.: The Postmodern Updated Version

DC Comics' Wonder Woman
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DC Comics Wonder Woman was first rejected two weeks ago, and then accepted this week in a David E. Kelly (of the hit show, The Practice, which featured a few strong female leads). Two concerns: First, I would like to know the relationship between DC comics and the TV show, and second, while I am glad that Wonder Woman is getting a less sexist makeover, but seriously, does she have to be part of the corporate world?  What about a nonprofit, or a state legislature, or a church? Does our definition of success have to be pre-determined by corporatism?

I’m just sayin’.

I think I heard some where post-modernism is the language of late corporate-capitalism.

See this link here for more details: Wonder Woman Re-Booted

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6 thoughts on “Wonder Woman on T.V.: The Postmodern Updated Version

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  2. Jennifer

    So I saw the “new” costume and I’m so sorry, I just can’t take her seriously as a “hero” wearing what she is. (Not that I have some alternative costume design in mind.) The 1970’s actress looked more believable though. I don’t know if it was her or the outfit. I’ve never seen the show though, only pictures.

    I liked “Dark Knight” because even though it’s based on a comic book, so much of it felt realistic. I know other comic movies are much more “fantasy-based,” but drifting into cartoonish fantasy can get so cheesy and makes it really hard for me to feel like I can invest in the characters. The stories lose all sense of “epic-ness.”

    Of the few episodes I’ve seen, I like Smallville as far as TV shows go.

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