Politics: Texas Style

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Republican: Baptist-lite theocrat who believes Texas should secede.

Tea-Party: Republican who supports losers from GOP primaries’ past

Democrat: Catholic or Methodist/Mainline moderate to liberal who believes Texas should secede.

Libertarian Party: It’s Texas. Everyone claims to be a libertarian. And that Texas should secede.

Independent: Probably belongs in the Libertarian Party.

Green Party: You don’t have any family members in the oil business.

Dallas Cowboys fan: Hopelessly cautious.

UT Longhorns football: Delusional pagan.

What is so awesome about Texas politics is that we have our priorities straight: the state is going to lay off almost 100,000 teachers and found millions of our tax payer dollars into Formula One Racing (a private enterprise). Oh, and it gets better: Governor Goodhair and his friends now want guns on college campus (actually, there are already there). I am fine with the 2nd Amenment, I am just worried about that fraternity douche who will come into class drunk and fire on everyone one Saturday morning.


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