Partying with the Illegal Immigrant Pinata: On Tonight’s #CNNDebate

the most racist frakking debate ever, no I mean it. ever

Tonight’s Republican Presidential Debate in Nevada was obviously a home game for Mitt Romney, and the home crowd had its way, cheering for it’s man all the way. The night started off well, Herman Cain was visible, all of the other candidates attacked the 9-9-9 plan for it’s hypotheticals. Cain was daring American families to do their own math (a dangerous and impossible task).

The longest segment by far was the one on illegal immigration. Sure, Mitt Romney wanted to ensure all of the Latino/a Americans out there that hey, this conversation isn’t racist, we love LEGAL immigrants! What none of the GOP candidates like to admit is how much it is going to cost American tax payers to deport thousands of illegals, yes, like Michele Bachmann mentioned, as a cheap shot, President Obama’s aunt and uncle. My question would be to push the candidates farther to the logical conclusion of their immigration policies, I mean, except for pro-amnesty Rick Perry. “Would we go back to having quotas and limits on immigration?” The answer, for Bachmann, would be yes, and repealing the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, you know, to protect Asian and Latino/a American communities? Secondly, no one is going to go for English-onlyism. American Standard English is always changing, and I oppose English only on theological grounds.

So, how about this, whenever the GOP candidates are talking about immigration, can they at least admit it and be honest, that they want to target the growing Hispanic population, which is fluent in English and Spanish? Someday they will have to humbly admit that multi-lingualism is better for free market economies. But that is for another day.

Right now, none of the GOP candidates can take President Obama in a debate. Mitt Romney will look like a silly corporate shill in front of an audience that is outraged at them right now. Rick Perry stutters too much, Herman Cain isn’t being taken seriously enough, Michele Bachmann is guaranteed to make the worst wardrobe choices along with being seen as too extremist, and well, no one wants to see 7 3 hour debates between Obama and Newt Gingrich. Boring.

Hey, at least Rick Perry can call Herman Cain brother, right, and they can bump fists?!?!

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  2. Kevin

    I have similar thoughts to you. I think Romney is a good orator with a brooding stage presence, but yea, I think Obama will be able to make him look like a corporate shill.

    Bachmann and Paul will turn off too many independents and conservative democrats.

    Perry just doesn’t seem like he could handle a debate very well. He isn’t that good of an orator in my opinion, and doesn’t seem terribly clued up.

  3. Missi Tucker

    Perry and Can can indeed fist bump each other. We will see who the Koch’s pick in the end. The republican canidates are a complete joke. A literal walking joke.


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