Pacifist Stanley Hauerwas Criticizes C.S. Lewis on war #Narnia

I say C.S. Lewis had an impoverished imagination. Why? Because he could not imagine a world without war.  And you know, if you can’t have a world without war, you can’t have a world without the nation-state.

Yes I know his context, he lived through World War I and World War II.  Did you know there was a Congressperson who voted against both wars? #justsayin…….

I do not have anything personal against C.S. Lewis fans; I am just a pacifist, what can I say, and C.S. Lewis hated Christian non-violence, and he simply misunderstands pacifism too-take a look at T.C. Moore’s series from last year.

God bless yah if your walk has been blessed by Lewis, but on the issue of perpetual war, he is wrong, and way off base.

I find it funny that proponents of just war are first and foremost, anti-pacifist, and in their anti-pacifism, seek to misconstrue our positions every time they can. I don’t think it’s fair, but whatever, they are the majority, and might makes right.

Take for example Stanley Hauerwas’ reading of Lewis, who understood that “pacifists seem to hold the view that wars do more harm than good” and that pacifists would have the community “part company with Homer, Virgil, Plato, Aristotle, Cicero and Montaigne, with the sagas of Iceland and Egypt.” Hauerwas does not put it this way, but I will for him–pacifists acknowledge that we must abandon the colonizing meta-narratives that empires depend upon. Hauerwas (and I would agree as a fellow Christian) makes the case that Lewis’ has not taken seriously enough what it means to be a disciple of our LORD.

For more read Hauerwas’ latest blog post: Why C.S. Lewis couldn’t imagine a world without war

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  1. Craig

    Not all of us that hold to just war are anti-pacifist. And I find it funny that you do the very thing you accuse those of doing to pacifism to just war. I don’t think its fair that pacifists seek to misconstrue the just war position.

      1. Craig

        If you can find a copy of Just War as Christian Discipleship by Dan Bell, my ethics professor and, surprisingly, a pacifist. One of his main arguments is that there is 2 competing forms of Just War, one religious and one secular. Most Christians buy into the secular form of just war, which has no teeth, so to say. It’s the mistake I made when talking about Libya.

        1. Rod of Alexandria Post author

          A ha, that would explain a lot.

          Thanks Craig. Is there any chapter or 2 you would refer me to specifically?

          I could go to the TCU library tomorrow. It does have the book.

          1. Craig

            There’s something in the appendix that breaks down the two versions. Bell argues for an all or nothing approach to the criteria, where the secular tends to take a preponderance of the evidence approach.

  2. Tusk

    Justba quick question…

    I think early last week you mentioned

    “Certainly, there are forms of religion, particularly in Christianity, which would have us to arrive at the conclusion that this is the best possible of all worlds, and that is a very fine assessment.”

    Now, I’m only asking this because that’s a slightly ambiguous affirmation of the notion. So…

    If you believe that this truly is the best of all possible worlds, how can you expect anyone imagine it without war?

    If you believe this is the best possible world, than how can you imagine one without war?

    1. Rod of Alexandria Post author


      I do not affirm the above quote.

      In context, I was talking about how science fiction helps us to ask the “What if” questions. I believe in a multitude of possibilities, endless possibilities.

      It is the predestinarians, the Calvinists, who say that this world is the best of all worlds, not I.

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    1. RodtRDH Post author

      Look Michael,

      I’m fine with you commenting here, but this is like the 3rd or 4th time you’re left just an ad for your book. Please find your own blog to shamelessly promote yourself. Thank you.

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