On The Gospel Coalition: Best Comment I've Read


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“I find it interesting that The Gospel Coalition post articles that regularly have to be re-explained or apologized for. Maybe this should be their cue that its time to stop posting these types of extremely irresponsible articles. As a wife of an evangelical pastor from a large congregation, I am at any chance discouraging the reading and sharing of this irresponsible website.”- Heather, commenting on Thabi Anyabwile’s apology post, “On Homosexuality and the Conscience

By the way, while a number of white liberals responded one or two days after the fact, I was one of the first persons to respond, commenting on the original post and getting to the heart of the matter, that appeals to the conscience without referencing the teachings of Jesus will fail. utterly, fail. That is why I wrote my Paul Over Jesus post. Why is today’s U.S. American neo-Calvinism as a worldview that deemphasizes Jesus’ role as Priest (Teacher)? What are the implications?

Obviously, cycles of  irresponsible blog posts and apologies.

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