On Being a TOP 200 CHURCH BLOG, GENDER, and that racism thingy


I’ll be honest, when I first read that there was yet another list out there ranking Christian blogs, I was quite cynical; and I was surprised when I learned that we were #200 on the list, I mean, without even trying, am I right? Am I right? You can see the whole list, The Top church Blogs linked here, from Church Relevance.com.

Yah, I heard the uproar over the list’s gender biases, and I so agree with Amanda Mac’s comments [linked here] but really, what would we expect from a list that leaned heavily toward all male Calvinist blogs? We were expecting equal representation? Puh-leeze! Scot McKnight is at #41, yeah, Jesus Creed, #41. That’s really all I have to say about that folks. And with one or two exceptions, where are the Catholic and Orthodox Christian blogs? Did they some how fall off the face of the Earth?

I never sought to be relevant on this blog, and I never will. My intention back a few years ago, in early 2008 until today, has been to speak my mind over what’s been burdening me, anytime I want, any topic I want. But now I have Christianity Today following me on Twitter because I am relevant. Don’t know how long that will last. And at least we at Political Jesus are considered Christians. Whew! Glad we don’t have to fight over that label.

On a different note, I could have just as easily bemoaned the lack of people of color on this Top 200 church blogs list, but why bother? I have other battles to engage in, and I have no time for self-congratulating Calvinists and their pompous ranking systems for blogs. I’d rather keep writing theologically about Trayvon Martin and Rekia Boyd. Plus, I know that micro-blogging is the wave of the future, I consider myself far more influential, if we can call it that, on the Twitter (without meaning to). Why? Because I can be myself, I can have fun, and engage more people, that’s why!

Oh, FYI: and it’s my goal to make the church LESS efficient and LESS effective in what it’s doing now, and more faithful to the liberating, peace-making Gospel of Christ Jesus.


12 thoughts on “On Being a TOP 200 CHURCH BLOG, GENDER, and that racism thingy

  1. Ally

    I hadn’t finally gone to look at who did make it, and Roger Olson isn’t even on it. What?!?!?!? I don’t know why I’m surprised, but…

    And the phrase “church blogs”? To me that would imply blogs for specific churches or blogs that focus on the church and not on other aspects of religion or theology. Which would mean most of their list are not “church bloggers.” So what’s up with that?

    1. RodtRDH Post author


      I forgot all about him too! Olson does a lot of things relevant for the church.

      Good call.

      Yeah, I don’t blog on church that much, maybe this person thinks theology and biblical/religious studies aren’t relevant for the church.

  2. Craig

    I’m disturbed by the lack of Lutheran bloggers on that list. I believe Chaplain Mike from Internet Monk attends a Lutheran church, but that’s it…

    1. RodtRDH Post author



      You know, I work harder on my blog post titles and subtitles more than anyone else out there! That is what keeps us relevant.


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