On a lighter note: OUTSOURCED was cancelled

I love mockumentaries on t.v., especially Thursday nights with NBC’s The Office and Parks and Rec.

But one show I did not appreciate and had many many cultural issues with was OUTSOURCED. The jokes were not funny, and culturally, it was hierarchical (West over East, America over India). One of my closest friends claimed to have friends from India that enjoyed the show. Really? I just wonder how could they ever do so. I guess its the same way with black people who watch anything by Tyler Perry (there I go again, couldn’t help it).


Here is the scoop from RACIALICIOUS.


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  1. David from Maryland

    @Rod of Alexandria. To each his own, I suppose. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I’m not sure how many episodes of “Outsourced” you watched to conclude that it was culturally heirarchical. One? Two, maybe? I saw an entirely different “Outsourced” than you. And frankly, I’m sad to see “Outsourced” cancelled. I admit that, when it first aired, I was kind of turned off by the name of the show, because I’m tired of seeing American jobs outsourced to other countries. I’m wondering if the name’s the reason so many people decided not to tune in. But I gave “Outsourced” a chance. And boy, was I glad! It turned out to be one of the funniest, well written, well acted shows of the season, in my opinion. I always looked forward to Thursday nights, so I could watch it. I just don’t think NBC advertised it enough or plugged it through the late night talk shows. NBC really dropped the ball on this one. What a shame.


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