Oh No's!, The Racists Are At It Again!

Birds Of A Feather Burn Crosses Together

Okay, so some crazy White folks in Winfield, Alabama met yesterday, today, and will tomorrow to preach their god’s word to “the chose race” and of course, this town gets upset and holds their own non-disruptive service “open to all” right? Cuz that’s the good liberal, sentimental thing to do.

I am so sick of this same story playing out over and over. Okay, for a couple of decades now, I have noticed that whenever a group of openly racist anti-Black psychos waltz into town, of course all of the town’s moderate whites and even its minority communities, will panic and complain. “We disapprove, we disapprove!”

Of course, the media picks up on the dissent, and per usual, it’s businesses who get to have their voices heard. Think about what these racists will do to our economy. In these times, WE’RE SUNK!

First of all, these liberal responses out of tolerance are A LOAD OF CROCK! Second of all, when we think about business practices, I think about experiences that black males in particular have encountered, more specifically like today. I have never stolen from a business in my life. Yet, when I walked into a certain business today, while there were other customers, I was the one being monitored. You mean, I go to buy some duct tape and trash bags, and I get fitted into a racialized gaze? I am a criminal just because I walk into an establishment. The cashier, bless her heart, tried to explain to me that the store was under new management. Um, no it wasn’t; it’s just practicing the SAME OLD SAME OLD RACISM!

So, small towns and big cities, when the racists come to your town, ask yourself this, what conditions are in our community that allowed these blatant racists to visit our cities and celebrate their abominable lifestyles? Could it be the racially segregated school districts that you have set up through your county? Could it be the racial exclusion that black face when it comes to political representation? Why else would these Klansmen and White Supremacists show up in your neighborhood? I mean, these racists must have somehow thought that the townspeople would have no problem with cross-burnings in the first place, right?

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2 thoughts on “Oh No's!, The Racists Are At It Again!

  1. Ken Leonard

    Excellent points.

    I had a friend who was talking about how we don’t have any racial problems in New Hampshire, and I asked him if he knew anyone who isn’t white. It took him a long time to think of anyone.

    Being a nearly-pure-lily-white state, I’m not sure that we should wind up shocked if the Klan has interest in holding a convention here sometime.


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