Now Available: Origen Of Alexandria: Exegetical Works on Ezekiel

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This morning I received an email with exciting news. Roger Pearse now has a book on the translation of Origen’s exegesis of Ezekiel. Not only do I love the book of Ezekiel but also the Alexandrian school. The work includes the Greek fragments of 14 homilies by Origen and is 742 pages long. It can be purchased in paperback or hardcover.

Here’s the description:

“Origen of Alexandria was the most famous ancient commentator on the bible. Time has taken most of his works from us, but what remains is still interesting and valuable even today. Fourteen of his expository homilies on Ezekiel have reached us, in a Latin version by St. Jerome, and these are presented in this volume together with an English translation. In addition all the fragments of the Greek text of this and his other works on Ezekiel are collected here, and translated into English for the first time.

This is volume 2 of the series Ancient Texts in Translation, edited by Roger Pearse.”

You can purchase it here on

Origen Of Alexandria: Exegetical Works on Ezekie (Ancient Texts In Translation)

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  1. T. C.

    “…he fully suffered our passions, *before* he suffered the cross and deigned to take on our flesh. For if he had not suffered them, he would not have come to dwell in the midst of human life. First he suffered; then he descended and was seen. What is that passion which he suffered for us? The passion of *charity*. The Father himself too—the God of the universe—who is ‘long-suffering and very merciful’ and one who pities—does he not suffer in some way? Or are you unaware that when he manages human affairs, he suffers human passion? For ‘the Lord your God sustained’ your ways, ‘just as if a man were to sustain his own son.’ Therefore, God sustains our ways, just as the Son of God carries our passions. THE FATHER HIMSELF IS NOT IMPASSIBLE.”

    – Origen, Homily 6, _Origen of Alexandria: Exegetical Works on Ezekiel_ by Roger Pearse, Mischa Hooker, p. 195.


    Did Origen just destroy someone’s narrative of “the Fathers” and impassibility.

    “#SorryNotSorry” – Origen

  2. jennifer

    Ahh! Rodney I havent visited your page in awhile…but I guess the Holy Spirit was prompting to as I am hoping to overcome my illiteracy of the Old Testament and I have been particularly steucj by passages in Ezekiel as of late! I am so up for reading a commentary that’s not modern. It’ll just add another dimension of fascinating perspective. Thank you for the headsup!


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