Not From @TheOnion: the European Union Wins the Nobel Peace Prize? #FAIL!

European Union Nobel Peace Prize

1933 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Norman Angel...

1933 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Norman Angell on exhibit to the public at the Imperial War Museum, London, England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s see, so, one would think that making peace possible would qualify oneself for the Nobel Peace Prize, but apparently, unqualified parties get to win the prize now and then. First, President Obama, and now the European Union, you know the same one punishing innocent civilian with their sanctions against Iran. Causing unemployment, devaluing a country’s currency, and denying citizens access to medical care is not a way to stop a nuclear threat, no, in fact, it will only serve to embitter the populace against their “saviors.” Why should the people be punished for their leader’s mistakes? That’s why sanctions are an extension of war. But at least in formally declared wars, civilian casualties are talked about as a “risk of the operation.” Sanctions make civilian casualties the norm. And let’s not forget that time the EU promised not to send ground troops into Libya!



From the BBC World News: Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to European Union

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