No, Joel, I will not!

Polycarp has put up a video on his blog with Obama admitting he was wrong on Jerusalem.

However, being right or wrong on a particular issue was not the point of my last political rant. It was about gaffes, and admitting we were wrong. Obama has not retracted his statement about the U.S. having 57 states; he did not even acknowledge that he said it. He does not have to, because the corporation-ran media does not hold their man accountable.

Obama’s statement on Jerusalem is nothing, compared to what he could have done, you know, shutting down Gitmo like he promised as a candidate.  Remember this?

So, really Joel, what you are doing is changing the topic. Nothing new. This isn’t about politicians breaking or keeping their promises. Let’s stick to the issue: the double standards set by the media about gaffes and mistakes that politicians make.

I am not retracting my statement. It stands as it stand.



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  1. Tusk

    I think if you looked outside of media run by our corporate overlords, you might be more satisfied with the criticisms left-to-right.


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