Newsweek Continues Its Blatant Sexism; NOW comes to Michelle Bachmann's Defense

So Sean Hannity and other Self-Righteous Talking Heads can NOW Shut up!

Huffington Post on How Do You Solve A Problem Like Sarah Palin?-Newsweek

Houston, I think we have a gender problem. Yesterday, The National Organization for Women came out in support of Michelle Bachmann, citing Newsweek’s label of her as the “Queen of Rage” as a double standard.

Its okay for women to be in the public square. Just as long as they don’t show any anger; don’t want to get mixed up being a crusader and all. Hopefully, this is the turning of a new leaf for NOW, so we don’t have to put up with Conservatives playing victim like they accuse minorities of doing.

I’ll just get to the bottom of this, and leave the lecturing to other crusaders: corporate-driven media outlets discipline U.S. Americans where human bodies should be in the public and private spheres. Black bodies belong on the football field and basketball courts. If black men are in public, they can’t show anger; otherwise they are the angry black. Women belong in the kitchen; if they are in politics, well, they should not stand for anything other than what is deemed mainstream (as if the mainstream has no fascist tendencies). If women are at the forefront of the movie or music industry, its because they only serve to present the desires of the elite producers of this world, their value systems, and their ideas. In short, mainstream assimilation for racial minorities and women of all ideological stripes continues to be a process, as theologian Willie Jennings argues, within commodification. That immigrant over there isn’t desirable until she learns Standard English, and the dialect of whatever region she ends up in. What are people being assimilated to? Objects of desire for corporation-ran, consumerist America.

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