NABPR 2010

This year, the National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion met on the campus of McAfee School of Theology in Atlanta, Georgia. This was the second time that I have been on the campus of McAfee and I enjoyed myself once again (except for the public transportation system, MARTA even though it did get the job done).  There were some interesting conversations that went on and I felt like I have so much more to read now.  But being on a hiatus for a year will make it easier for me to catch up.  As for my two presentations, they both went rather well.  I felt encouraged to keep pursuing the direction that I am going.  I made the mistake of believing that my friend Adam’s and I deconstruction of William P. Young’s The Shack was going to be the most controversial presentation, but that ended up being the presidential address (a good thing). I even got the chance to catch up with some paperwork for the children’s ministry while I was away.  All in all, I had a great time and I hope to make it next year and bring a few friends to Gardner Webb School of Divinity.

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