My Predictions For 2013: What Happened?

Here is a link to my predictions for 2013 from last year: Predictions 2013; let’s go over the results. Results will be in BOLD


1. The MSM will start interviewing “the Nones” more. Um who again?

2. The Gospel Coalition will make sure to remain the Attention pimps of US Christianity. YUPPERS

3. The voices for traditional marriage will grow louder; meanwhile, singles will remain excluded from alot of religious circles. uM WHAT?????

4. Dominionism and David Barton will continue their decline into irrelevance.” Barton has been marginalized into obscurity so, YUPPERS


1. Conservativism will talk about making changes from the inside but won’t. DEFINITELY, and still talking

2. The Tea Party fades away, except on a Congressional level while Occupy remains talked about. People talk about OWS, but it’s when they bring up the Tea Party, both faded from the public’s view, and therefore memory banks

3. Economy improves by a little, false hopes abound. Yeah, generally true.

4. Another Middle Eastern country will be facing American drones. Syria, and Iraq again.


1. The NHL will resume play; lockout ends, 30 regular season games. 48 Games. Close.

2. Tim Tebow will be traded to a team that we never expected, and he will be back starting, making 4th quarter comebacks. LOLLERS WHO’S HE?

3. Canadian football will surpass hockey in popularity thanks to the NHL lockout. A lot of livetweeting of CFL, so yeah, I was right.

4. Gymnastics classes will become more culturally diverse throughout the U.S. I have no idea about this one.

Pop Culture

1. The Comic Book world will remain lilly white while black ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDERMAN & Earth 2′s Hawkgirl will rise to stardom. Miles Morales is getting mainstreamed rumor has it and Kendra will have her own DC Comics collectible, so A BIG BLERDY YES TO BOTH OF THESE!

2. Community will have 3 more seasons and a movie as they leave NBC. YET TO BE DETERMINED, BUT IT WAS RENEWED, SO THERE’S THAT. YEAH.

3. SyFy’s Defiance will fail, but bsg: blood & chrome will rule! My biggest fail in terms of 2013 predictions. BSG:B&C was terrible, couldn’t even finish it. Defiance has gotten rave reviews and a nice following.

4. Man of Steel will be an okay movie, but THOR 2 will be considered the best comic movie of 2013. What can I say? Yup. Dead on the money here. Thor 2: Dark World was all sorts of amazing.

5. The term “blerd” will be officially in Webster Dictionary. Still working on this.

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