My Oracles for 2011: A Wrap Up

At this point last year, I made some bold predictions for 2011. Let’s look at them at 2011 closes.

“1. The beginning of the Decade of Anger: 2010 marks the end of the decade of awkwardness. My prediction is that citizens, inspired by the Tea Party and the student protests in the United Kingdom will start to look for the smallest thing to get upset over, especially the left-wing of the Democratic Party. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell isn’t an issue any more, so, I guess we will have to go back to square one, with the struggle between pro-life and pro-choice advocates. Abortion seems to mobilize liberals and conservatives like no other issue. Sex drives the world. As a Chad said today, it will be the decade of the angry GenX all over again.”

Was I right on this one? Were there multiple displays of Anger in politics? Did anyone get angry this year and NOT protest? Let’s see Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia, the USA, among others; then there was the Occupy Wallstreet movement that I posted on before it caught on.


“2. There will be an increase in comic book movies and t.v. shows: Due to the lack of knowledge of history (in general) that teenagers have these days, as well as Science Fiction becoming more mainstream, I think that in order to pacify temporarily the enraged masses, the entertainment industry will substitute revolutionary violence with the fantasy violence of pop culture.”

Well, even with Smallville and Batman:Brave and Bold coming to an end & Booster Gold is going to be given a try on Syfy. In addition, there were appearances of Green Lanterns appearing in public schools for some reason. Why was that Optymyst? Also, the comic book movies for this year did fairly well, and everyone is excited about next 2012.


“3. A Disgusting Amount of Television Coverage for 2012 GOP Presidential Candidates: This is already happening with Fox News & C-Span, but eventually, MSNBC and CNN will catch up. CNN has cozied up with the Tea Party Express for one GOP debate.”

Ummm, did you all read any of my posts on the GOP debates, like majority of the 20 billion debates, right?


“4. The Downfall of Christian Pop Culture as a Valid Alternative: Given the fact that the Christian music and book industries continue to spiral into irrelevancy, Nashville will no longer be the center of Christian or Gospel music. Instead, more underground artists and writers will slip through the cracks of Christendom and either remain independent or sign with “secular” labels or publishing companies.”

That’s still up for debate, we still have the rest of the decade to determine this. Hey, you hear about two famous pastors using secular publishers to talk about marriage? Yah, odd, huh?


“5. SyFy channel will break someone’s heart: Of course, the always love-to-hate them SyFy network people will cancel a very popular show, adding to a rage fueled by government inaction.”

Answer: Eureka. Sorry Joel! 🙁

Last, but certainly not least:

“6. Before the decade is through, a third “undeclared” war: U.S. troops will remain in Afghanistan until a least 2018, with military advisers scheduled to stay until a few years afterward. Pakistan or North Korea will become our new Iraq. It is only a matter of time. Since candidate Obama did promise us this.”

Well, that was easy to answer: Libya

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