My Mixed Feelings For the Smallville Series Finale

Justin Hartley, John Schneider & Geoff Johns

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Tonight marks the Smallville TV Series finale. I have a few mixed feelings here. As an original fan, who abandoned the show when it became shoddy in Season 3 then, I became a fan again seasons 5-7, then I gave up again, and for this last season, I am back in. I can’t really call myself a faithful fan, but so much was going on, and I could only do so much having class on Thursday nights during seminary. This season, the writing has been inconsistent, and there have been many What In The World were they thinking moments (ahem, the bachelor party episode, I couldn’t tell if it was a tribute to The Hangover or the worst impression ever).

Booster Gold, written by Chad’s favorite writer, Geoff Johns, was one of the better episodes in a while.

Don’t get me wrong, I am excited about getting to see Clark finally fly (YOu can do it, Peter, you can do it!– ala HOOK), but I am also feeling some sadness because this series will be last comic book adaptation for a while, now that Wonder Woman failed, and Raven failed (thank goodness).

Is there any hope for the hopeless, the dedicated comic book fanatics?

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