Movie Review: #Haywire

Haywire (film)


“I don’t wear the dress. You make Paul wear the dress.”- Mallory Kane

Last week, Amanda Mac gave her glowing endorsement of Haywire in her movie review.

So, I took her and Chuck’s advice, went and saw it. I must say, the first 10 minutes of the movie, the acting was sub-par. But other than that little blip, I found the movie quite entertaining and provocative. It was interesting how gender wasn’t ignored, neither was it over-done, like say, that gorramm awful Catwoman (2004) movie starring Halle Berry. I also grinned with the Wonder Woman reference by a police officer to Mallory when she was under arrest. Overall, I would compare Haywire to those who are familiar with The Bourne Trilogy, and just as enjoyable as the Bourne Ultimatum.

I haven’t thought of a ratings system yet for PJ. Maybe that will be next. Any suggestions? How about 5 Yoders? Or 2 Moltmanns up?

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3 thoughts on “Movie Review: #Haywire

  1. Charles

    Re: Ratings system.

    Gotta be Whedonesque. My thoughts on possibilities:
    “I give this movie four out of five exploding apples.”
    “Seven out of ten apocalypses.”
    “32 of Alpha’s 48 personalities approve of this film.”
    “This film earned a rating of ‘Extra Shiny’.”
    “Bad Horse gives it five terrible death-whinnies.”

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