Movie Review: Colombiana

Or Why I Fervently Believe Our Heroines Should Eat

“Eat!”- Cateleya to her pet dogs

“I don’t eat breakfast.”- Cateleya to her Significant Other, Danny

-from Colombiana

Colombiana (film)

Last night, I decided to RedBox Colombiana, a movie I have been wanting to see for a while. I am a big fan movies with movies featuring female characters who kick ass. Colombiana, like HAYWIRE, was a very likeable movie, only I enjoyed Colombiana’s story better.

As a Christian pacifist, I have some concerns in pop culture and probably with myself. Why do I have problems with movies featuring violent males, and “pro-wrestling” and Mixed Martial Arts but enjoy movies when women do it? Perhaps it breaks stereotypes. I haven’t had time to think about it. But a larger problem with Revenge + Justified violence movies, much like TAKEN with Liam Neeson, and even the ABC hit series REVENGE (which I haven’t seen a full episode) is that revenge/retributive justice is promoted as the only alternative in an unjust world. Restorative justice and reconciliation are viewed as non-options, keeping the status quo of gender violence and capital punishment in tack.

Secondly, as a Christian thinker who gets into gender issues, I found the presentation of Cateya’s body, the overly-thin type, plus her quote that she “doesn’t eat” breakfast to be far too problematic in this day in age where churches, governments, and media contest over the bodies of women. Particularly relevant to this discussion is Elizabeth of Women In Theology ‘s article in The Other Journal, To Love Oneself Through Food. Unhealthy social forces convince women to obsess over the size of their bodies already as is, and the makers of Colombiana want us to see Cateleya as a hero, who skips meals, and has remained abnormally thin all of her life in order to pursue her agenda for vengeance? Seems too puzzling for me. Also, the whole “dress as a drunken prostitute thing” really was playing on the whole, yah know, the hottentot venus, where black women are nothing more than erotic zoo exhibits; kinda like most hip-hop music videos.

Overall, I would recommend it (with a huge grain of salt). I am still undecided about the PJ movie ratings system. Gotta be something whedony tho.

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  1. Elizabeth

    Hey Rod, Would you mind doing me a favor and removing either my last name or the parenthesis about being associated with Women in Theology? (Trying to keep blogging and career separate for the moment…) Thanks!!! (Good post, btw!)


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