More Ties to NeoNazis for Ron Paul?

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Well well. It seems like Anonymous stumbled upon some e-mail conversations, and found NeoNazis (American Third Position Party) collaborating with Ron and Rand Paul at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee). Should anyone be surprised, really? Paul’s charade has gone on long enough. He is free to be a member of A3P if he wants, just be honest about it, dude.

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Read– The International Business Times: Anonymous Expose Nazi Third Position ‘Bridging Tactic’ with Ron Paul

Muchos gracias to Joel Watts

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2 thoughts on “More Ties to NeoNazis for Ron Paul?

  1. Charles

    Ah crud. I liked a lot of what RP had to say, and anyone who can produce that much vitriol from the Internet Hate Machine starts out in my good books (plus, liberals calling Republicans a bunch of racists is such a tired old chestnut that I automaticallly disbelieve these kinds of accusations). But this isn’t the kind of thing I can overlook.


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