Michele Bachmann Set to Retire; Dominionism Still Repulsive

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English: Marcus Bachmann with his wife Michele Bachmann at the 2011 Time 100 gala. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann decides that this will be her last term in office. Couldn’t be the fact that her campaign is under investigation. It’s well known that Bachmann believes in Dominionism, the idea that Christians should establish a dictatorship over the world. It’s an evil, heretical idea, and its source,  Rushdoony, is highly problematic.

Dominionists rely upon practices of spiritual abuse; its not surprising really, set up a Christian empire by first colonizing bodies in the church.

The problem is that–because dominionism is, at its core, a spiritually abusive movement with political aspirations it isn’t that simple at all…because you have to fight the programmed mindset.

I am posting this info in the hope that people–in particular, experts in the psychological field (I know we have at least one on the board!) will be able to give suggestions.  I also post this in the hope people realise the difficulty us walkaways have had in getting out–and maybe our success stories will give people hints on how to stop the hijacks from occuring.

One thing that is difficult to explain to people who have never been involved in a coercive religious group is just how people get “stuck in” and refuse to leave.

What people don’t tend to realise is that most coercive groups–be they dominionist groups or some other flavour of coercive group (such as Scientology, the Moonies, etc.)–have as part of the coercion in and of itself various “thought stopping” techniques and other forms of coercion that literally prevent the person from questioning the group at all.  (In fact, that’s how we can define dominionism as a coercive religious movement, especially in its “spiritual warfare” and “premillenarian dispensationalist” flavours.)

– DogEmperor at the Daily Kos: Why the subject of dominionism is rather personal to me

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  2. Curt Day

    Not sure how dominionism would fit in the model I am using here but this is what I would like to suggest. That what too many Christians want to establish in this country is a Christian ethnocracy. I first saw the word ethnocracy used by American-Israeli activist Jeff Halper. He defined the word as meaning a nation gives privilege and control to an ethnic or religious group. I would like to suggest that there are at least 3 kinds of Christian ethnocracies: Reconstructionism, Constantinianism, and Christian paternalism.

    Reconstructionism desires to make the torah the law of the land in the U.S. Constantinianism wants to make Christianity the state religion use Christian law as the law of the land. Finally we have Christian Paternalism. This is where Christians are still privileged and thus in control but the control is not as extensive as the previous 2 Christian ethnocracies.

    My gut says that domionism is more favorable to reconstructionism.


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