Man Of Steel #MOS: A Spoiler Free Review

Man of Steel

Man of Steel (Photo credit: 1upLego)

When I first heard that Man of Steel, the Superman reboot was going to be directed by Zack Snyder, I was not ecstatic to say in the least. I had been burdened with the unpleasures of sitting through 300 (which I own) and Sucker Punch (which was not what it was advertised). Both films had were problematic, 300 race-wise, and Sucker Punch, gender-wise. Sucker Punch was a let down because it had ads showing it was gonna have strong women protagonists and characters, and what it ended up was the exact opposite, but I digress.

Inspite of all of the fanboy nervousness about this film, from “Jenny Olson” to the “black Perry White” to the rebooting of Zod, who was well play by Terence Stamp in the 1980’s, Man Of Steel lived up to the hype, and even exceeded it in my limited, humble opinion.

I want to address some general issues and concerns without getting into specifics, this being a Spoiler-free review:

The Portrait of Krypton: it was magnificent, awe-inspiring, if you liked the theatrics of 300, you will like Krypton in Man Of Steel, because 300 was all I could think about in looking at this planet.

The Portrait of Smallville: I really can’t complain here. It had a Mid-West feel. I thought we were in Kansas, Dorothy.

Metropolis: We get to see very little of it, but the parts we do get see, it was just a comprable to the Gotham City from the Dark Knight Trilogy.

On the Nature of Religion In This Film: Now, there has been a lot of bruhaha about how Christian and Jesus-y this film is, and there were even “critics” from conservative websites (no I won’t provide links to trash) that if you didn’t like this movie, you don’t like Jesus. Besides the failure of this comparison, there are really two scenes where the film is EXPLICITLY religious; God is only mentioned once.  The Superman Is Jesus theme loomed large in Superman Returns, and Bryan Singer really shoved religion in our faces. Not so with Man Of Steel, you would have to do a lot of stretching for that interpretation. If you are committed to an uncritical loyalty to the nation-state, and the nation-state’s civil religion, of course Superman/Clark Kent equals an American Gentile Jesus story that white Christians can relate to.  Some conservative pundits have even suggested that the villains represent the Soviet Union and communism. What is this, the 1980’s?
I would suggest that a different approach is needed, a closer watching of Man Of Steel has a far more progressive message, which I will get into for my next three posts of this series.

What I Did Not Like In General: The Editting, specifically the fight scenes made absolutely no sense, but it’s unfair because I compare all choreography to the CW‘s Arrow (also I will be posting on too), since Arrow has such great fight scenes.  That’s all I am allowed to say without any spoilers  being dropped.

English: Zack Snyder at a premiere for Sucker ...

English: Zack Snyder at a premiere for Sucker Punch in March 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, overall, I loved Man Of Steel; I hope you go see it. I would highly recommend!

And yup, better than Marvel’s The Avengers. #sorrynotsorry



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