Love Your Neighbor Is A Pithy Slogan #TheNewPacifism

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A couple of months ago, the incoming Southern Baptist leader on ethics Russell Moore, celebrated the end to the (false) myth of the South as Bible Belt and the capitol of Moral Majority America. Moore contended (and I agree), that the end of this myth is “bad for America, but it’s good for the church.”  But the “badness” really is only temporary in a Kingdom-oriented view of Christianity.  It can open up space for renewal, for evangelicals and mainliners alike to rethink the culturally hegemonic ways that they exist in a pluralistic USian society.  So, as a fellow Baptist (general & Southern), I agree with Moore’s approach.  It is “The church’s” [local congregations in the free church/baptist view] job to teach and disciple believers (men and women, young teenage girls AND BOYS) about marriage and sexuality. 

I realize that not every Christian will agree with my views or Moore’s approach to how church’s should function.  I found this commentary on the Wall Street Journal interview, um, interesting. That the notion of loving our LGBTQIA neighbors is a PITHY SLOGAN in the eyes of dominionists like Rick Scarborough and his supporters is more than a little troubling.  Churches must wrestle with what they have gone wrong from within when it comes to marriage/singleness/sexuality issues before it even attempts to learn the “WORLD” from without.  This is just simply another example of Dominionism‘s awful ecclessiology.


Also, neighborly love is more than a “pithy slogan”; I am pretty sure it is the primary demand from Christ Jesus in the Gospels. But that could just be me.


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  1. Curt Day

    What I have found with many of my fellow Christians is that they want to control a designated part of culture or be able to withdraw from it. In either case, evangelism is killed.

    And I think that I would not single out dominionists. The reason is because Christians controlling society and culture come in 3 flavors. Theonomists, Constantinians, and Paternalists. Christian dominionists can be either theonomists or Constantinian. Objecting to both does not imply that a Christian is not attempting to exercise some hegemonic control. I found that there are Christians who want to control society only in a lighter way than theonomists and Constantinians. And they say that they want control for the good of the sinner. For example, one Christian said to me that the reason he thinks that Christians should work to make same-sex marriage illegal in society is that by controlling the degree to which gays sin, they will be spared some eternal suffering since they will not be sent to as worse a place in hell. And for that, they will be grateful. Christians can say the darndest things.

    Finally, I would not reduce the love we owe to just neighborly love. We certainly cannot love God without loving our neighbor but loving our neighbor does not imply that we love God.

    1. h00die_R Post author

      My targets for now are Dominionists from Calvinist/Reformed backgrounds. I know there are Sarah Palin Dominionist pentecostals out there, but I am focusing only on the Rushdoony TeaPartiers. I will expand eventually.


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