Brian LePort deserves Theo/Biblioblogger of the Month

Mark Stevens named Brian LePort blogger of the week, and for good reason!Β  Brian’s posts contain questions that normally evangelical and conservative Christians do not like to ask. I guess that is why some bloggers have tried to take Brian to task, even though he has not come to any conclusions, just asking questions, admitting his skepticism.Β  I say to Brian: keep up the excellent work! No one has been ordained the enforcer of orthodox thinking on the biblio/theo-blogosphere. The world is a better place because of the people who do ask the hard questions.

Truth and Peace,


0 thoughts on “Brian LePort deserves Theo/Biblioblogger of the Month

    1. Rod of Alexandria

      Silent. Scared of Scott Bailey’s wrath…………..But really, I have different concerns now, and I have already been there, done that. Daniel and Tonya just ate me alive for questioning the political categories that were going to be used to label us all.

  1. Bobby Grow

    I think Brian’s questions are fine! I also think it’s fine for others to push-pack, and give their own rants (Nick Norrelli) — it seems like tit for tat — another day in the ‘sphere.

    But I do appreciate Brian’s passion and learning spirit . . . it’s a great fit for the theo/biblio-sphere!


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