Is this a Liberal or Conservative Biblioblog?


Jason Staples

Loren Rosson

Bill Heroman


I once again find myself on the dissenting opinion side of things. I know. Just feel this large rash of guilt for having dissenting opinions.

Yesterday, the three Presidents of the Biblioblog nation posted about them considering to once again label and order us bibliobloggers. First, it was the academic standing, from the elites to the lowly laypersons. Now, its time for the bibliobloggers to join tribes according to how liberal or how conservative they are.  I find it both suspicious and the labels unhelpful.

I do not know about any other nation’s politics, but here in the United States, the terms liberal and conservative are used more as polemical terms, to place complex persons and thinkers in a box. I identify myself as a libertarian, but only for theological reasons as I have expounded in several posts. But, a couple of years ago, I would not have accepted that label. It was through rigorous study and intellectual growth that I slowly came to political libertarianism. Who is to say that I will not change? If bibliobloggers change religious and/or political preferences because of some deep intellectual insight, or change their mind on a particular issue that may make them conservative to one person’s liberalism, how shall Biblioblogger Top 50 folks keep up with them? No one stays the same over a period of a lifetime; we all change, even if we do not change belief systems, we probably change the way we uphold our beliefs.

Also, as Jason pointed out, what about those persons who are inconsistent in the view of many? There are some folks that I have read that they are conservative in their methodology, but liberal in their worldview, and vice versa.

I am also afraid that there may be more hostile emails sent bibliobloggers’s their blog is labelled liberal, and the reader is disappointed to learn that the blogger may not hold all of the traditionally progressive views one might consider liberal. I am speaking from experience here. In the past, I have received hateful and ill-informed emails and blog comments from persons who did not appreciate my body of work just because I supported politicians they did not like or held positions that ran contrary to theirs.  Labels are a very dangerous thing to throw around,  and do a disservice to the uniqueness of each individual.

What would be helpful then, if labelling of political/theological perspectives would help in the Biblioblog Top 50 searches, maybe the Jim’s Minion’s could email each biblioblogger asking for what would the bloggers label themselves. If we were allowed to name ourselves for who we are as bibliobloggers, then it would be far less invasive and far more democratic as a process.

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  1. Rick Sumner

    An excellent post on the issue. The comparison to academic elitism works here, since the designation “liberal” or “conservative” is just as arbitrary, and just as likely to exclude sources that should not be excluded.

    Wheat should be separated from the chaff by the quality of the material. We do well to discourage efforts for any party to wield the winnowing fork.


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