Is Conservativism an Inherently Derailing Philosophy?

I’m beginning to notice something on the interwebz. This could just be me, but may be it isn’t. So I regularly bring up the idea of systemic oppression and things like institutionalized racism or sexism. Keep in mind, I go way beyond the call of duty, and avoid discussions of this celebrity or that politician’s racist/sexist comments. Instead, I post about practices and the ways evil lends itself systemically. However, in classical liberalism, everything boiled down to the individual person. If everything is centered on the individual conversations about institutional (enter your least fave -ism here)become about individual people rather than actions or ethics. It’s curious because from my experience, liberals/progressives who used to be conservative have the same problem too. So, this just isn’t a right wing issue; this has more to do with persons committed to “classical liberalism” of the Founders, but in a number of instances,for example the three months I wrestled with White Supremacy, time and again, derailers happened on ALL of my social networks. They wanted to make it all about “them” and their “experiences” while discounting both the science behind my arguments as well as the experiences of People of Color.

So, to reiterate, the conversation about what people do (regardless of their individual emotional states) in the public arena gets derailed into a completely different discussion where the derailer or “devil’s advocate” manages a way get the original author to stop writing about these aforementioned institutions. Not only this, there are usually personal attacks, like “all you do is talk about race” or “you’re too subjective and blind to the truth.” I’ve heard these from both liberals and conservatives, but mostly persons who are liberal. In fact, I do recall the ones who got upset with me the most over these few months are the “progressive allies” but I was done like, caring, like, in first grade. #sorrynotsorry So, I think that any philosophy that overstresses the rugged individual is by nature, a derailing philosophy to silence the oppressed.

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  1. danhauge

    I think you’re right on that individualism is the deeper problem. I know that the sense that what I emotionally intend ought to excuse my actions, or mitigate any response to my actions, is drilled pretty deep in my psyche. Examining how our actions (by ‘our’ I mean primarily white guys like me) have just as damaging effects when we are going along with the flow of larger systems is not really part of the core individualist ideology. Which does explain, as you say, why it’s just as deep a problem with white progressives as with white conservatives.

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